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Big Kid's Merino Superfine Wool Short

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Color: Forest

Size: XS | 6Y

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This product is made with premium material 100% superfine 18 micron merino wool.

Our Merino Wool Short with an elegant design and ideal to use as shorts, pajamas or pants, surprisingly comfortable, light, flexible, breathable and super soft to the touch, with antimicrobial properties and thermal qualities for hot and cold days. Patented Design®

Designed by Midori in Mexico

Made from 100% luxurious merino wool that is silky to the touch with a proposal of Natural Repellency to liquids and antimicrobial properties for superior hygiene which makes it possible to use it more times before washing.

With a Less but Better proposal, you have in your hands shorts with technology, resistant to bad odors, which makes it possible to use them more times without the need to wash daily, ideal for a sustainable minimalist style and free from the consumption of plastics.

With a wide design in the tightening areas at the waist and thighs, it improves the feeling of fit and comfort. Additional, a modern and minimalist style.

Made with wool from sustainable farms and cruelty-free sheep. From the thread to the finishes, we use premium materials from organic and eco-friendly processes to create a different and superior diaper in sustainability.

-Adjustable thermo
-Humidity control
-UV protection

Natural fibers. Super stretchy.

Machine washable delicate-normal cycle.

100 superfine merino wool

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  • 1 merino superfine wool short


Patented design with powerful thigh and waist adjustment provides a better body fit.


Midori Merino Short is made from amazing ultra-fine 18-micron wool, highly breathable, flexible, and incredibly comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Underwear
  • Pajama

The 18.5-micron wool fiber of Midori Merino is so fine and soft that it doesn't cause itching sensation, it's thinner than a human hair. Merino is ideal for very sensitive skin, such as that of a newborn baby, reducing the risk of allergies. Moreover, Merino is highly durable, long-lasting, and incredibly elastic. Each Merino wool fiber is made up of elastic elements that can bend 20,000 times without breaking. Due to its hypoallergenic, breathable, and moisture-absorbing qualities, it's perfect for taking care of your child's skin.

It is only recommended to lanolize if you plan to use it as a pull-up trainer or diaper cover.

Steps to lanolize your Big Kid's Merino Superfine Wool Short:

  • Spread lanolin directly onto the wool garment and let it dry, or...
  • Dilute the lanolin in hot water and then soak the wool garment in warm water with the diluted lanolin, and let it soak for a few hours. In both treatments, it's best to repeat this process 2 to 3 times to reinforce the lanolizing.

Just 5g per wool garment to be lanolized is sufficient. Follow the step-by-step video tutorial for Lanolizing Wool Garments.

We simply wash the stained area using liquid wool detergent or mild soap, gently scrubbing with the same garment or a very soft-bristle brush. After rinsing, we'll lay it flat to dry (no clips).

In the case of a diaper only soiled with urine, allow the cover and liner to dry flat, and once dry, you can reuse them without needing to wash. Repeat this process as long as there are no stains or unpleasant odors present.

1. For stained areas, use liquid wool detergent or mild soap. Gently scrub using the same garment or a soft-bristle brush.

2. Rinse thoroughly to remove detergent or soap residue.

3. Lay the item flat to dry. Avoid using clothespins or clips.

4. If dealing with a diaper only soiled with urine, allow the cover and liner to dry flat. Once dry, they can be reused without washing.

5. Repeat these steps as long as there are no stains or unpleasant odors present.