Level Up with Your Toddler: How Potty Training Underwears Help Babies Say Goodbye to Diapers

Posted on August 04 2023

The process of leaving diapers behind is a significant milestone in a baby's development, marking the beginning of their transition to bathroom independence. This stage, while exciting, can be a challenge for both parents and little toddlers. However, with patience, support, and the proper use of training pants, this process can be smoother, providing our children with security and confidence on their path to autonomy.

When is the Right Time?

There's no fixed age for babies to transition out of diapers, as each child develops at their own pace. However, generally, most children are ready to start potty training between 18 and 24 months of age. Some signs that a child might be prepared include:

Showing interest in the bathroom or imitating adults and older siblings in the process.
Communicating in some way that they need a diaper change or have gone potty.
Keeping the diaper dry for longer periods, indicating bladder control development.
The Importance of Training Pants

When it's time to ditch the diapers, many parents wonder whether to opt for training pants or jump straight to underwear. Training pants offer an intermediate option between diapers and underwear, specifically designed to aid in the potty training process. These pants are more similar to traditional underwear but come with key advantages:

Increased confidence and security: Training pants allow children to feel like they're wearing "grown-up" underwear, boosting their confidence in their ability to use the toilet. Plus, if accidents occur, training pants offer greater absorption than regular underwear, giving children a sense of security and reducing parents' worry about leaks.

Ease of use: Unlike diapers, training pants can be pulled up and down like pants, helping children learn how to manage their clothing when using the bathroom. This practicality also eases the transition to independence.

Promotes independence: Training pants encourage a child's autonomy by involving them more in the bathroom process. This sense of responsibility can motivate them to follow the training and develop healthy habits more quickly.

Midori Toddler Training Pants

Tips for the Training Process

Alongside choosing the right training pants, following a few tips can make the potty training process successful:

Establish a routine: Setting regular bathroom times, such as after waking up, before bedtime, and after meals, can help children get used to the idea of using the toilet.

Celebrate achievements: Recognizing and celebrating each step toward success, even if accidents happen, will encourage the child's motivation and confidence.

Patience and understanding: Ups and downs are normal during the process. Maintaining patience and avoiding excessive punishments or pressures are crucial for maintaining a positive and supportive attitude.

Model behavior: Children learn by observing adults. Showing them how to use the bathroom can be highly beneficial.


Leaving diapers behind is a significant step in a child's life and a transition that takes time, patience, and support. Training pants are a valuable tool in this process, providing security and confidence to children as they learn to use the toilet independently. With the right approach and plenty of love, parents can guide their little ones through this crucial stage and celebrate every achievement along the path to independence.