The perfect trade for you.

Exchange your midori baby products for credit to purchase new designs in the toddler stage, or for a gift card that you can use whenever you want.

1) Valid only for diapers and pull-ups purchased from the official midori.store, starting from 2022.

2) The maximum exchange value will be considered as long as the product is delivered in very good condition, without damage to the product, only those caused by normal wear and tear.

3) The credit received by the customer corresponds to a percentage of the actual purchase value paid by the customer, minus discounts, gift products, and similar items.

Frequently Asked Questions

This program is born from the idea of ​​supporting more parents in their sustainable change.

Unlike when a parent sells their diapers in "second pump", with Midori you have the exclusive benefit that we will always receive your products always looking to offer you the best possible value.

1. Select the items you want to redeem from your previous purchase history (as of 2022).

2. Ship your exchange items back to us, reusing any bags you have and the provided shipping label.

3. Watch your inbox: As soon as we receive your trade, we'll issue your credit.

Midori Exchange , the exchange of the value of your Midori diapers for credit is available for the entire line of Midori diapers and pull ups purchased during the year 2023 at Midori.store .

Just send your diapers in good condition and in original packaging to our Storehouse with your contact information and we will review the status of the product, and later we will issue a credit corresponding to the evaluation.

  • Fabric conditions
  • Elastic
  • Buttons
  • Velcro
  • Ecopul

As long as your products are in good condition, we will do our best to offer you the best value.

Send your Midori diapers for exchange to our Storehouse , at the following address: Modena 701550 Verona Santa Fe 22667 Tijuana Baja California México

Yes, use it how you need it. Trade in your credit on your next purchase for new Midori diapers, pull ups, pajamas, or accessories.

The valuation of up to 40% credit bonus is made on the invoiced value of your purchase. For example, if you purchased 1 Midori Merino diaper with hemp absorbent at a 10% discount, the valuation will be based on the paid value of $899 pesos. In this way we achieve a sustainable balance of the program while offering equitable attention to all our clients.