Midori.store accepts Bitcoin: now moms and dads can purchase cloth diapers with cryptocurrencies.

Posted on January 25 2023

Inspiring more parents towards a sustainable and decentralized economy are fundamental motivations that drive us to innovate, being the first cloth diaper brand in Mexico to accept cryptocurrency payments through our online store, Midori.store.

It's now possible to acquire your favorite Midori products and pay with Bitcoin!

Now all our customers can use their cryptocurrencies to place orders on our online store, Midori.store, by selecting the Coinbase Commerce payment option – a new, 100% secure, fast, and reliable way to purchase with cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Coin, DAI.

What Are Cryptocurrencies

A cryptocurrency is a digital exchange asset that employs cryptographic encryption to ensure ownership, secure transaction integrity, and control the creation of additional units, preventing duplication.

Currently, Bitcoin is a highly tradable asset that's easy to acquire on an exchange, such as Bitso, Coinbase, Binance, Kukoin. Additionally, you don't need to worry about bank interests, credit approvals, or loans.

Bitcoin prices have increased over the years. This means that if you acquire this cryptocurrency today, it's highly likely that you can sell it at a higher price in the future to generate profits. These profits reward you with savings and greater value for your money, which you can use to shop at Midori.store, for example.

It's crucial to have financial responsibility before investing in BTC, and to plan both the purchase of Bitcoin and the best timing to use your BTC at Midori.store.

The control of each cryptocurrency operates through a decentralized database within a specific Blockchain, where the Blockchain enables public and decentralized financial transactions with an immutable record of each transaction.

With the advancement and development of Blockchain technology, decentralized finance is now more accessible to more parents, and its use is becoming increasingly straightforward. This allows more people to join a sustainable economy through cryptocurrency payments.

Where to Store Your Bitcoin

Bitcoin and many cryptocurrencies can be stored in a hot or cold digital wallet, but you can also temporarily store them in your Spot account on an exchange, similar to keeping your money in a bank. It's recommended to always have your digital assets with you in your own wallet, assuming full responsibility.

The difference between a hot and cold wallet is that the former is connected to the internet, while the latter isn't. In both cases, it's crucial to safeguard your private key or seed phrase, consisting of 12 or 24 words.

Benefits of Buying with Cryptocurrencies

Buying cloth diapers at a better price by simply paying with Bitcoin. It's an easy, transparent way that allows you to plan your diaper investment, save more, and achieve more with less.

"If a mom has 2 young children using cloth diapers and due to high costs has had to adjust her basic budget, now with this new cryptocurrency payment solution available at Midori.store, we aim to encourage moms and dads to receive more value from Midori products with less money, and save more with each purchase."

Example of Savings When Paying with Bitcoin

In the following example, we show that achieving savings through cryptocurrency purchases is indeed possible. The more financial planning you do before investing in your Midori diapers, the greater the benefits you can achieve.

March 24

In a purchase exercise totaling $1098, the total payment in Bitcoin was 0.00124526 BTC.

Buying diapers with Bitcoin

March 29

In a second purchase exercise of the same amount, $1098, the total payment in Bitcoin was 0.00117263 BTC.

Comparing diapers with Bitcoin

In just a 5-day difference and with the support of a bullish movement in Bitcoin, we achieved a 6% total savings:

0.00124526 BTC - 0.00117263 BTC = 0.00007263 BTC ($65.88 pesos), simply by buying BTC at a good price and exchanging them for products when BTC increased in value.

In the event that the price of Bitcoin decreases, you only need to wait a little while for the price to be in your favor again to complete the purchase.

For this reason, planning ahead for the purchase of products that will care for your baby's best interests has significant rewards in terms of well-being and family economics.