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Baby's Adjustable Diaper - Snap-Off

6lb - 35lb
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This product is made with sustainable premium organic and recycled materials.

Our Snap-Off Adjustable Diaper offers a unique easy adjustment system in three zones, waist, legs and weight, allowing it to be used from 6lb to 35lb. In addition, thanks to its Snap-Off system, it is possible to easily exchange and reuse its parts, keeping a clean diaper for longer, saving water, energy and time. Smooth on the outside, Recycled in the heart, Organic core.

Designed by Midori in Mexico

Softer, more durable, with high compression and an elegant finish, more pronounced curves in the crotch, leg adjustment extension, greater coverage in straps, reinforced snap.

We present our first cloth diaper with a precise adjustment from 2.9 kg to 16.1 kg. The magic is its innovative system that allows you to precisely adjust the size of the diaper from the waist, legs, and weight.

The detachable design makes it possible to achieve more diaper changes with fewer parts and using fewer diapers, just by adding more absorbents and extra liners to your diaper stash.

Inside our natural fiber absorbents are lifesavers against diaper rash, the natural contact on the delicate baby skin that you really want for your child. And its Natural Dry-Fit design does all the work of feeling dry without the need to add a liner.

The best of a design by size and a one-size-fits-all design.

On the outside, it's surprisingly identical to a size diaper: simple, thin, understated, and just the right size.

Inside, the Midori diaper is innovation: adjustable to different ranges of weight and anatomy of the baby's body.

Designed with recycled materials REPREVE® made with recycled plastic bottles and organic materials Global Organic Textile Standard made with recycled cotton

Each diaper is equivalent to 3 to 5 recycled PET bottles, this solves the excessive production of garbage, optimizes water and energy consumption, reduces CO2 to almost Zero.

We advance further in sustainability with an EcoPul made of recycled polyester and laminated polyurethane that combines the best of PUL - No Chemicals - No Garbage.

And you could not miss the differential design of Midori diapers with a diaper cover made of high-quality recycled polyester.

Without a doubt one of the thinnest cloth diapers! similar to the thickness of a disposable. The cover and the cover together measure less than 2mm thick, incredible not!

Two Anti-leak Barrier + Anti-slip Wings, designed by Midori (patent pending).

-Smart Flex
-Natural Dry-Fit
-High breathability
-UV protection

Interchangeable absorbent. Impervious to liquids. Back adjustment by hook and loop tape. Hand wash or machine wash delicate/normal cycle.

Up to 1 week for the cover and up to 3 changes per cover.

81 recycled polyester 19 lycra
75 recycled polyester 25 polyurethane
100 organic cotton

Get even more diaper changes by adding extra absorbents

  • 1 adjustable diaper cover (snap-off)
  • 1 ecopul adjustable diaper cover (snap-off)
  • 1 organic super absorbent - S

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A diaper with separable parts that makes it possible to achieve more diaper changes with fewer components and using fewer diapers, simply by adding more inserts and extra covers to your diaper stash.


Our first adjustable cloth diaper, from 6 lb to 35 lb, is surprisingly identical to a sized diaper, developed with innovation, leak protection, and premium materials – organic – recycled.

(Patent Pending MX/u/2023/000064)


Comfortable at the waist, anatomical in the legs, practical for weight changes. A gradual system that adjusts to a baby's growth.


We advance further in sustainability with a diaper made from organic cotton absorbent, a high-quality recycled polyester cover, and a waterproof cover made from recycled polyester that combines the best of PUL – Chemical-free – Zero Waste.

Responsible Eco Packaging, Recycled and FSC™ Certified Paper to protect ancient and endangered forests, keep our oceans safe and clean, and reduce the need for virgin materials.

Up to 5 post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Baby's Adjustable Diaper - Snap-Off is designed with an adjustable system in three zones:

-Waist. Adjust the velcro straps to modify the diaper to the contour of the baby's waist.

-Legs: slide the elastics on the legs, on both sides, through the hidden slider on the legs to modify the diaper to the shape of the baby's legs.

-Weight: remove the cover from the back of the diaper from the baby's weight of 10 kg.

Baby's Adjustable Diaper - Snap-Off is surprisingly identical to a diaper by size:




-easy to use and care

-with the right size

Midori diapers are designed with Midori® Three Anti-Leak Barriers (patent pending).

-Internal barrier: elastic throughout the interior of the cover.

-Anti-slip wings: pleats throughout the opening of the cover.

-External barrier: elastic waistband on the opening sides of the cover.

The diaper consists of a cover with an integrated cover (not removable) and an interchangeable absorbent pad.

-Smart Flex
-Ultra soft to the touch
-Natural Dry Fit
-High breathability

-UV protection

Each diaper is equivalent to 3 to 5 recycled PET bottles, this contributes to solving the excessive production of garbage, optimizing water and energy consumption, and reducing CO2 to almost Zero.

REPREVE is the world's number one brand of recycled plastic bottle fibers.

Global Recycle Standard is a global certification that accredits recycled textile materials.

Midori products are designed with materials that comply with the OEKO–TEX Standard 100 certification, a very important global certification in textiles free of harmful chemicals, organic and recycled fibers.

Midori diapers are hypoallergenic and extra soft to the touch, designed with hidden snaps, and smooth, latex-free elastic. We use only high-end organic and synthetic textiles with certified origin.

Get from 1 to 3 diaper changes in a row before washing, just changing dirty pads for clean ones, wiping the inside with a damp towel, letting dry and continuing to use the diaper. Store soiled absorbents in a reusable bag until laundry day.

Machine washable on gentle cycle with wool detergent or neutral liquid detergent.

Tumble dry on delicate cycle.

Dry flat in the shade.

do not drain

Do not use bar soap.

Do not bleach.

Do not use fabric softener.

Do not dry clean.